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Question Type: Summary

The essence of tackling summary questions on the GRE involves discerning the overarching themes of a passage, rather than getting bogged down in minutiae.
  • Summary questions are a staple at the end of almost every reading passage, designed to test comprehension of the main ideas.
  • These questions are weighted more heavily, counting for twice the points of detailed questions, emphasizing their importance.
  • Candidates must select three correct answers from six options, focusing on ideas that encapsulate the passage's primary themes.
  • Understanding the author's intent and the passage's big picture is crucial for distinguishing between major points and tempting but irrelevant details.
  • Effective summarization requires identifying and connecting the main ideas, as demonstrated through a sample passage analysis.
Understanding Summary Questions
The Importance of Big Picture in Summarization
Strategies for Selecting Correct Summary Points
Analyzing a Sample Passage for Summary

Where can I read the sample passage?

Sample Passage: Clonal Colonies

Does the order matter? Are ABC and CBA different?

No, order doesn't matter. If you choose the correct sentences for the summary, then it will be marked correct. ABC and CBA are graded the same.