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Reading Section

The TOEFL Reading Section challenges test-takers with academic topics and a strict time limit, requiring effective strategies for comprehension and question answering.
  • The TOEFL Reading Section includes academic topics such as extinct animals, evolution, psychology, art history, earth science, meteorology, and astronomy.
  • Understanding the content does not require prior knowledge of the topics, as context within the passages provides necessary information.
  • Time management is crucial, with a focus on grasping the big picture rather than getting bogged down in details.
  • Two primary strategies are discussed: reading the passage first for a better understanding of the overall structure and going to questions first for a faster but more challenging approach.
  • Types of questions include detailed, vocabulary, reference, inference, purpose, paraphrase, insert text, and special drag and drop questions like summary and category.
Understanding TOEFL Reading Content
Strategies for Time Management
Approaches to Reading Comprehension
Types of Questions on the TOEFL Reading Section

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