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Comparing the Format of the Current, Shorter TOEFL with the Older TOEFL (prior to July 26, 2023)

The new TOEFL format introduced in July 2023 brings about several changes aimed at streamlining the test experience, while retaining much of the content and structure familiar to past test-takers.
  • The test changes include a new registration and scheduling experience, a shorter overall test duration, and modifications to the reading and writing sections.
  • Scoring metrics, the listening section, and the speaking section remain unchanged, ensuring continuity for those who have prepared under the old format.
  • The test duration has been reduced from approximately three hours to two hours, achieved by streamlining instructions, introducing a quicker writing task, and reducing the reading section.
  • A new writing task, 'writing for an academic discussion,' has been introduced, replacing a longer task and requiring new strategies for preparation.
  • Magoosh provides updated materials and lessons to accommodate the changes, particularly focusing on the new writing task, ensuring test-takers are well-prepared.
Introduction to the New TOEFL Format
What Remains the Same
Key Changes in the New Format
Focus on Reading and Writing Section Changes
Magoosh's Support for the New Format

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