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Writing Section

This content provides an in-depth guide on the TOEFL writing section, focusing on the integrated and academic discussion essays, time management, essay planning, and practical advice on keyboard familiarity and test-taking strategies.
  • The TOEFL writing section consists of two essays: the integrated essay and the academic discussion essay, each requiring different approaches and preparation.
  • Effective time management and essay planning are emphasized as crucial for producing quality essays within the time limits.
  • Familiarity with a QWERTY keyboard and the test platform's tools, such as copy-paste functions, is essential for efficiency and avoiding technical difficulties during the test.
  • The importance of clear communication, natural English usage, and the ability to convey ideas with clear support and reasoning is highlighted as key to scoring well.
  • Practical advice includes practicing with the specific keyboard layout and test platform tools to ensure smooth execution on test day.
Understanding the TOEFL Writing Section
Essay Planning and Time Management
Key Strategies for Effective Writing
Technical Preparation for the TOEFL