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How the TOEFL is Scored

Understanding TOEFL scoring is crucial for test-takers aiming for high scores, as it involves both raw and scaled scores across four sections.
  • TOEFL scores range up to 120, with each of the four sections (reading, listening, speaking, writing) contributing a maximum of 30 points.
  • Good scores generally start from 80, but specific requirements vary by school and program, with some requiring scores of 90 or 100.
  • Subsection scores are important, especially for programs requiring a minimum score in a particular area like speaking.
  • Raw scores, which are based on the number of correct answers, differ from scaled scores; the conversion depends on the test's difficulty.
  • It's possible to achieve a perfect scaled score even with a few missed questions, highlighting the importance of understanding scoring conversions.
Understanding TOEFL Scoring
Determining a Good Score
The Importance of Subsection Scores
Raw vs. Scaled Scores

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