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Speaking Section

The TOEFL speaking section is designed to assess your ability to communicate effectively in English, featuring a mix of independent and integrated tasks that require summarization of lectures, conversations, and personal opinion expression.
  • The first task is independent, focusing on personal experiences and opinions without the need to summarize external information.
  • Integrated tasks involve summarizing content from lectures or conversations, with some requiring additional reading.
  • Timing is critical, with only 15-30 seconds for preparation and 45-60 seconds for speaking, emphasizing the need for concise and structured responses.
  • Practicing with a timer and structuring responses around a main idea followed by supporting details can significantly improve performance.
  • Understanding the specific requirements and structure of each task is crucial for effective preparation and success in the speaking section.
Introduction to Speaking Tasks
Managing Time Effectively
Strategies for Structured Speaking
Detailed Review of Speaking Tasks